Trevor Burrows & Christy Riddle Car Accident: 2 killed in crash

Trevor Burrows & Christy Riddle Car Accident

Trevor Burrows & Christy Riddle Car Accident: Trevor Burrows and his mother Christy Riddle passed away suddenly due to a tragic car accident.

Christy Bundy Riddle, a dedicated member of the Fredonia-Moccasin Unified School District, resides in her hometown of Fredonia, Arizona. She completed her education at Fredonia High School and has since remained an active member of her community. Christy is happily married to Randy Riddle, and together, they continue to contribute to the vibrancy of Fredonia, Arizona.

Trevor Burrows, known affectionately as Bubby, manages Beehive Homes of Page, demonstrating his commitment to providing care and support to others. His prior role as manager at Beehive Homes of Eagar reflects his extensive experience in this field.

Trevor’s education at Fredonia High School and Southwest Applied Technology College highlights his dedication to learning and professional development. He and his wife, Darcie Kay Burrows, reside in Page, Arizona, where they contribute to their community’s well-being.

His roots in Ely, Nevada, add to the richness of his life experiences, shaping him into the compassionate and capable individual he is today.

Trevor Burrows & Christy Riddle GoFundMe: A page is created to help foot the memorial/funeral expenses for both families

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