Sheila Dykstra Obituary: Co-Leader at EduDeo Ministries died

Sheila Dykstra Obituary

Sheila Dykstra Obituary: Walking Together Co-Leader at EduDeo Ministries, Sheila Dykstra of Hamilton, Ontario passed away.

Sheila Dykstra attended Redeemer University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education degree in French Studies and Education. After that, she continued her studies at the Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies, where she eventually earned a Diploma in Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language Instruction in the year 2020.

During her professional life, she worked as a Classroom Teacher at the American International School of Abuja for two years and one month, beginning in June 2006 and ending in June 2008.

Sheila took on the position of Christian Education Consultant for West Africa at Resonate Global Mission, where she served for a considerable duration of eleven years and one month, beginning in June 2008 and continuing until June 2019.

After making the transition back to the classroom, she worked at Calvin Christian School in Hamilton as a Classroom Teacher for one year and ten months, beginning in September 2020 and ending in June 2022.

She taught students in grades two and kindergarten. At EduDeo Ministries, Sheila was a Walking Together Co-Leader, in addition to her teaching positions, and she made significant contributions to the organization.

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