Malcolm Johnston Obituary: Orillia ON, died in tragic accident

Malcolm Johnston Obituary

Malcolm Johnston Obituary: He was confirmed dead through a Facebook post made on Sunday 17th December 2023 that says “Malcolm Johnston Rest Easy Brother, gone way too soon”. One of the most fundamental aspects of Malcolm’s character was his unwavering dedication to his family.

Malcolm Johnston Education

He graduated from Orillia Park Street Collegiate. In his role as a parent, he exemplifies the characteristics of patience, understanding, and love that have no bounds. His children can find comfort and support in his presence, as they are aware that they have a constant tower of strength in their father. Malcolm’s commitment to ensuring the health and happiness of his family was exemplified in the inconspicuous moments that occur daily. In addition to being a father, Malcolm was a life partner who was complimentary, supportive, and cherished the person he was in a relationship with.

An example of the power of a partnership that was built on mutual respect, communication, and shared aspirations was the relationship that he has with his spouse. Kindness and empathy on the side of him establish a secure environment within his relationship, which in turn creates an atmosphere in which both partners have the opportunity to develop both individually and collectively.

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