Queenzy Cheng 莊群施 Death-Obituary: Actress & Singer died at 37

Queenzy Cheng 莊群施 Death-Obituary

Queenzy Cheng 莊群施 Death-Obituary: Malaysian actress and singer, Queenzy Cheng died at 37 on 28 November 2023, she died suddenly while filming a video production.

Queenzy Cheng was born on 26 February 1986. Her musical career began when she was five, performing solo at a relative’s wedding reception. She gradually transformed into an artiste, launching her debut at the age of eight.

Following the success of her albums, Queenzy collectively formed M-Girls (四个女生) in 2001 with three other emerging artists; Angeline Khoo, Cass Chin, and Crystal Ong. The M-Girls’ debut album and subsequent releases won multiple awards, and M-Girls was quickly dubbed the S.H.E of Malaysia.

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