Nick Guyea Obituary: Smiths Falls ON, Member of Canadian Armed Forces died

Nick Guyea Obituary

Nick Guyea Obituary: Member of Canadian Armed Forces Nick Guyea of Smiths Falls, Ontario has sadly passed away. He died on Friday 15th December 2023 leaving family, friends, and colleagues devastated.

He was confirmed dead on Saturday through a Facebook post that says “My nephew Nick Guyea gained his angel wings last night.. We will all miss you Nick you have grown up to be such an amazing young man. I’m so proud of all your accomplishments Nick. I’m so lost for words right now”.

Who was Nick Guyea?

Nick, with his extraordinary character and example of selflessness, humility, and service, has been an inspiration to many. He was a young man who, according to his loved ones, was full of life and purpose, and who was motivated to change the world for the better. As his dedication to service grew, so did his unfaltering patriotism, and he joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a result. One thing that sets Nick apart and makes him beloved by people who know him is his humility.

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