Christina Thompson WestJet Pilot died on December 16

Christina Thompson WestJet

Christina Thompson WestJet Pilot, passed away suddenly. She was confirmed dead on Saturday, December 16, 2023.

Yesterday we got news that we had lost one of our greatest assets who fought with everything she had to progress our profession across the nation. Christina Thompson was a true warrior who was a force to be reckoned with.

My last few days spent with Christina Tompson were some of our best memories together. We stood shoulder to shoulder in YYC at the Air Canada picket where hundreds of pilots enjoyed what would be her last motivating speech and it did not disappoint. She always spoke with powerful confidence, professionalism, and grace. Shortly after this event, she flew to YWG to join us at the LEC230 meeting to celebrate the base opening where we enjoyed the company of WestJet Pilots family while celebrating our hard work, dedication, and victories together.

Christina had been like a sister to me ever since we began to unionize the pilots at WestJet. During the 8 years we worked closely together, I’m glad we could experience this part of our lives together.

Christina went to the end of the world for our pilot group and every other individual in her life.

Rest well and fly high Christina, you will be missed.

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