Mike Niederhauser Obituary: Estill Springs TN, man died at 68

Mike Niederhauser Obituary

Mike Niederhauser Obituary: Founding Member of Board of Directors First Vision Bank Mike Niederhauser of Estill Springs,  Tennessee has sadly passed away. He died on Wednesday 20th December 2023 leaving those who knew him in shock.

Who was Mike Niederhauser?

His job was always done to the highest standard since he always put in the necessary time and effort. His dedication to excellence has garnered him the esteem and awe of his peers and bosses. Outside of his own business, Mike Niederhauser was a very diligent person. He was a leader who knew how critical it was to lead by example. He was a team player who knew that working together produces better results. Many projects and efforts have been successful because of his commitment to creating a supportive and cooperative workplace.

Adaptability and resilience are essential to dedication and hard effort; they go beyond simply putting in long hours. Mike Niederhauser was exceptional because he faced problems head-on and found creative ways to solve them.

Tributes to Mike Niederhauser

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