Janet Parrish Obituary: Yoga expert Youtuber Sadie Nardini’s mother died

Janet Parrish Obituary

Janet Parrish Obituary: YouTuber and Yoga expert Sadie Nardini’s mother Janet Parrish has passed away. American yogini Sadie Nardini confirmed her death, on Wednesday, the 6th of December 2023.

Janet Parrish had a chronic illness that suddenly turned catastrophic, and she didn’t have to know about it, she went while sedated.

Who is Sadie Nardini?

Sadie Nardini was born on November 23, 1978, in Iowa, USA, Sadie Nardini has garnered widespread recognition as a yoga expert and fitness instructor, notably as the host of “Rock Your Yoga” on the Veria Living Network.

Sadie Nardini is a renowned Ultimate Wellness and yoga expert and founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. Yoga Journal calls her “a star instructor” for her ability to make real transformation accessible on all levels. She lives and Oms in Brooklyn, New York, and regularly tours internationally to share her expertise.

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Tributes to Janet Parrish

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