Heather Little Obituary: Owen Sound, Heather Strong Founder died

Heather Little Obituary

Heather Little Obituary: Owen Sound, Heather Strong Founder, Heather Little has passed away.

She was a source of inspiration for many people in a variety of ways and demonstrated to the world that even after receiving a devastating diagnosis, it is possible to live a life that has a significant influence. Heather was an advocate for the program as well as for a life that was completely lived

Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation shared on social media that: Like so many others in this community we mourn the passing of Heather Little. We will remember Heather’s incredible positivity and passion. Her ability to turn a terrible situation into something good. Her legacy and the #HeatherStrong movement will live on at Brightshores Owen Sound.

She is pictured here with a plaque in the hospital’s oncology department recognizing her considerable fundraising.

Heather helped so many people with more than $85,000 raised to support local oncology care. We are so grateful for her enthusiasm, spirit, and commitment to this community.

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