Kinslee Creed Car Accident: LaGrange GA, Callaway High School student injured

Kinslee Creed Car Accident

Kinslee Creed Car Accident: 17-year-old Callaway High School student Kinslee Creed was fatally injured after a deadly car accident that took place on Friday 15th December 2023. The news was confirmed through a post that says “If I have ever not asked for a favor from anyone I asking now!!! My oldest granddaughter had been in a bad car accident. There is bleeding in her brain. She is in surgery now. Please pray for my oldest granddaughter, Kinslee Creed”.

Who is Kinslee Creed?

The kind and compassionate character that Kinslee Creed possesses has garnered her a great number of friends, all of whom consider it a blessing to have her in their lives and value the fact that she is a part of their lives. Her character was a never-ending wellspring of happiness for everyone who was with her. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing Kinslee Creed was blessed with the gift of her ability to transmit joy and warmth. She was a shining example of the immense impact that a single person can have through the simple gestures of love and compassion.

Kinslee Creed GoFundMe

On Sunday 17th December 2023, Amy Hollady established a GoFundMe account on behalf of Jarrod Creed. The purpose of the account was to request monetary contributions to cover the costs of Kinslee Creed’s medical expenses and other expenses

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