Ben Neece Obituary: Former Commissioner and Municipal Judge died

Ben Neece Obituary

Ben Neece Obituary: Former Brownsville City Commissioner and Municipal Court Judge, Ben Neece died after a medical emergency Monday afternoon, on December 11, 2023.

Ben Neece served as the Municipal Court Judge for the city of Brownsville for 32 years before serving as the City Commissioner for District 4 from 2017 to 2021.

Brownsville High School was the institution where Ben Neece, a notable guy, culminated his high school career in the year 1973. Afterward, he went on to seek higher education at UTB-TSC, where he was able to graduate with honors in the year 1975. The next stop on his educational path was St. Mary’s University in Texas, where he finished his studies in the year 1977.

In later years, he developed his meditation skills by enrolling in the Harvard Meditation Program and the Texas Southmost College Meditation Program. St. Mary’s University School of Law awarded Ben his law degree in 1981. Ben graduated with a law degree.

Ben was a dedicated musician who showcased his talents as the Lead Guitar and Vocals for The Earthmen, a well-known rock band. In addition to his work in the legal and civic fields, Ben was also involved in charitable activities.

Concurrently, he was serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Spanish Main Traders, Ltd. at the same time. In addition to serving as Lead Counsel at the Law Office of Ben R. Neece from August 19, 1984, until December 23, 2016, Ben Neece also served as Former Commissioner, District 4 at the City of Brownsville from May 23, 2017, until June 29, 2021.

His tenure at the law firm lasted from August 19, 1984, until December 23, 2016. The many facets of his contributions are a reflection of a life that has been devoted to public service and a profound enthusiasm for both music and the legal system.

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