Mike Mathis Obituary: Dixie National Rodeo Announcer died

Mike Mathis Obituary

Mike Mathis Obituary: Longtime voice of Dixie National Rodeo, Mike Mathis passed away. Mike Mathis was the voice of the Dixie National Rodeo for over 25 years.

Commissioner Andy Gipson posted about Mike Mathis’ death on social media Wednesday morning.

“With great sadness, I learned this morning my good friend, the one and only Mike Mathis, passed away and went to be with the Lord,” Gipson wrote.

Silver Creek Rodeo Co: Our hearts are broken and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Mike Mathis! Mike has been a big part of PRCA ProRodeo and has worn many hats! He’s been a PRCA rodeo committee chairman, a PRCA executive council member, a PRCA Board of Director member, and a PRCA rodeo announcer! His presence in our lives will be missed!

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Tributes to Mike Mathis

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