Sam Boydston Car Accident: What Happened to Parkway North Quarterback’s, Cause Of Death


Sam Boydston Car Accident: Less than two weeks after a harrowing car accident nearly claimed his life, Sam Boydston is not only mobile but on the brink of leaving the hospital. Like many adolescents his age, the sixteen-year-old finds his greatest joy on Friday nights, under the stadium lights, alongside his teammates. “Football means everything to me, honestly,” Sam confesses, his passion for the sport evident in his every word.

A standout both academically and athletically, this junior from Parkway North has caught the eye of college recruiters with his stellar performance on the field and in the classroom. “All his aspirations and plans were intertwined with football,” reflects Rob Boydston, Sam’s father. “Attending college was his ambition. His role models were college and NFL quarterbacks.

Since he was a young child, that’s been his dream.” However, on January 26th, that dream came to an abrupt halt near the intersection of Interstate 170 and Page Avenue. “It was perhaps the most terrifying moment in his and my mother’s lives,” Rob recalls solemnly. “At 9:17 p.m., we received a notification from Apple about an accident.” While three of Sam’s friends managed to escape the vehicle as it erupted into flames, Sam found himself trapped inside, struggling to free himself from his seatbelt.

Thankfully, his best friend and teammate, Jordan Clark, defied bystanders’ warnings and rushed back to assist him. “Sam was still trapped inside the car, unable to unbuckle his seatbelt,” Rob recounts. “His wrist was fractured. He managed to wiggle his way partially out of the window.”

“I remember he lifted me and pulled me away from the car just as it started smoking and catching fire,” Sam reminisces. “That’s a true hero,” Rob remarks proudly. Upon arriving at Mercy Hospital, doctors swiftly realized that Sam had sustained burst vertebrae and required urgent spinal fusion surgery. “Football saved his life,” Rob asserts.

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