M56 Accident: Traffic stopped both ways after horsebox overturns in Cheshire crash

M56 Accident

M56 Accident Today: As of now, traffic has come to a standstill on the M56 in Cheshire, with disruptions occurring in both directions between Junction 8 and Junction 9. The cause of the disruption is an overturned horsebox on the roadway. Prompt response from Traffic Officers is underway, and they are currently at the scene addressing the situation.

Efforts are being made to alleviate the impact of the incident, and a replacement horsebox is en route for the transfer of the affected horse. The safety and well-being of all individuals involved, including the animals, are of paramount importance in these circumstances.

Authorities are diligently working to resolve the situation and restore the flow of traffic on the M56. Further information will be provided shortly to keep the public informed, and the understanding and patience of commuters are greatly appreciated during this period of disruption.

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