Destiny Garlock Obituary: Finger Lakes Community College Alumna died

Destiny Garlock Obituary

Destiny Garlock Obituary: Finger Lakes Community College Alumna, Destiny Garlock of Canandaigua, New York passed away in her sleep unexpectedly on Thursday, December 14, 2023.

Destiny Garlock GoFundMe: Mariah Boyd established a GoFundMe account on behalf of the deceased family on Thursday 14th of December 2023, to help with Destiny Garlock’s burial expenditures and other expenses.

Hi, we are asking for any help or at least a prayer for my aunt and her family. This morning her 2nd oldest daughter, Destiny, passed away in her sleep unexpectedly. We are still unsure what the cause of her death was. Christmas is around the corner and with 4 kids still living it will be tight to make Christmas happen and plan and pay for a funeral. We are just asking if you can help a little or at least pray with us and help my aunt and her family through this very difficult time.

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