David Magill Obituary: Owner of Mogie’s Irish Pub in Lower Burrell

David Magill Obituary

David Magill Obituary: A man has died following a deadly shooting that happened today Thursday morning, the 21st of December 2023 outside a bar in Lower Burrell. The victim has been identified as David Magill, the father of Patrick Magill. According to reports, Mogie’s Irish Pub owner David Magill passed away from injuries sustained in the shooting.

The shooting occurred

The shooting occurred just after 9 a.m. outside a well-known bar situated at the intersection of Leechburg and Wildlife Lodge roads. Greg Mellish, a mechanic working at Morabito Motors across the street from the bar, was the initial responder. Upon hearing gunshots, the 30-year-old Leechburg resident rushed outside to investigate.

Mellish observed a silver Ford Ranger pickup speeding away down Leechburg Road. He immediately ran to the Mogie’s parking lot and initiated CPR on Magill. “What I did was no different than what anyone else would do,” Mellish said.

David Magill’s cause of death

He was confirmed dead through a Facebook post from his son, Patrick Magill. The owner of Mogie’s Irish Pub in Lower Burrell was shot and killed outside the business Thursday morning. Magill was pronounced dead at Allegheny Valley Hospital in Harrison.

Witness statement

Mellish reported making a 911 call at 9:08 am. Burrell School District Resource Officer Rob Acquaviva subsequently arrived and performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. Meanwhile, Evelyn Leezer of Lower Burrell, who was at a gas station across Leechburg Road, heard the gunfire.

Tributes to David Magill

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