Bryson Burks Obituary: Howard Payne University alumnus died

Bryson Burks Obituary

Bryson Burks Obituary: Bryson Burks, Howard Payne University football and baseball player and Kidney Head Foundation founder has sadly passed away on December 18th, 2023.

Bryson Burks was the beloved son of Chris Johnson Burks and a grandson of Trish Johnson from Tupelo, Mississippi. He was a baseball and football player at Howard Payne University. Bryson was a very treasured part of the aHUS global family and was an incredible young man. Bryson always cherished the memories of playing catch on every commercial break and at every halftime show during Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) football games with his late dad.

Bryson Burks started the idea of Kidney Head through the life lessons he and his mother learned while his father, Brett, was sick with kidney disease. His father died when he was 10 years old, and Bryson was immediately determined to help others going through the same thing his family had gone through. His focus was on children who had kidney disease and were on dialysis. He saw the stress and pain his father had to endure and could not imagine the effects it would have on a child.

Bryson’s selflessness, compassion, and ambition are why Kidney Head exists. Everything he does is focused on making better lives for others. He was a great young man and he made a lasting difference on those who were privileged to know him. He endured so much in his young life, he made a tremendous impact on all those he came in contact with, he was so loved.

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