Barry Austin Obatuary: Birmingham, AL, Alabama performer & director

Barry Austin Obatuary

Barry Austin Obatuary: I’m deeply saddened by the news of Barry Austin’s passing. Barry was a special, smart, talented performer & director, and kind & outstanding person in every way. I remember when he joined UA as a graduate directing student during my sophomore year.

We shared the stage in WAITING FOR GODOT, where I played Pozzo and he played Lucky in the second semester. Our roles required us to work intimately and intensely together, forging a close bond in the process.

Barry’s friendship and support throughout rehearsals, performances, and beyond were invaluable to me. I cherished every moment of collaborating with him. One particular moment that stands out is when, in Act 2, I would gently pat the rope in his hand after he had been blinded. Barry expressed how much he appreciated that moment of connection between our characters, and it’s a memory I will always hold dear.

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