Alexis Tomacruz Missing in Paris has found

Alexis Tomacruz Missing UPDATE: Alexis Tomacruz has been found! She is currently in a hospital, and while she is okay, no further details are available at this time. The heartfelt gratitude goes out for all the prayers and for spreading the word.

Alexis Tomacruz Missing – On Friday, January 1, 2024, in Paris, France, a young girl from the United States named Alexis Tomacruz was reported missing. Alexis, aged thirty, stands at five feet two inches tall (1.57 meters), with brown eyes, brown hair, and a tanned complexion. She has been residing in Paris since December 30, 2023, and was enrolled in a French class at “Accord Langues,” along with yoga classes (the location of which has not yet been determined). Her residence is near Rambuteau and the National Archives.

The last known communication with Alexis was on Friday evening around 23:00. Since then, an official report of her disappearance has been filed. If you have any information, please contact us at the following numbers: +1(814) 541-0863 and +1(440) 321-0111. If this is not possible, please reach out to the Paris Metropolitan Police.

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