Patrick Buckmaster Obituary: Queer Nightlife Superstar died at 33

Patrick Buckmaster obituary

Patrick Buckmaster Obituary: Patrick Buckmaster, a Portland nightlife producer best known for hosting Queer Goth dance parties in the 2010s, passed away at the age of 33.

News of Buckmaster’s death broke across social media on Sunday, Dec. 10. Buckmaster was 33. The date and cause of death have not been publicly disclosed.

Patrick Buckmaster was best known for their parties NecroNancy, Club Kai Kai, and Sad Day, thrown with event producers Ann Pyne and Stacy St. Lisa. (The Oregonian reported the death of Club Kai Kai superstar Brittany Newton-Miller in January.)

Buckmaster hosted their own Filthiest Person in Portland Pageant, as well as PICA’s Meta Gala fundraiser ball. Anything was possible at Buckmaster’s monthly parties, from professional mourners to wrestling drag queens. Buckmaster inspired scores of queer artists now ruling Portland’s dance floors and dive bars to push the limits of self-expression.

Buckmaster usually hosted at the Southeast Grand Avenue goth bar Lovecraft (now The Coffin Club). They brought their vision to dozens of Portland venues after their Lovecraft residency, including Holocene, Dante’s, the Star Theater, Funhouse Lounge, Stag, Sanctuary, and several shuttered clubs, including the Paris Theatre and the Tonic Lounge.

Buckmaster had moved to Portland from Springfield, Mo., in the early 2010s and released a rap EP, Keep Portland Queered, as Boy Funk in 2012. Boy Funk collaborated with rappers and DJs until 2014. Buckmaster also wrote and produced music for artists including RuPaul’s Drag Race alumnus Raja Gemini.

Buckmaster was nasty but classy, a mix of notorious party girls like Courtney Love, Anna Nicole Smith, and Lil’ Kim.

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