Ardeth Kapp Obituary, Ninth Young Women General President dies

Ardeth Kapp Obituary

Ardeth Kapp Obituary: Ardeth Kapp grew up in the small town of Glenwood in Alberta, Canada, and left friends and loved ones to attend Brigham Young Academy High School in Provo, Utah.

Never before in the Church’s history has there been a greater need for young women who are prepared to endure rejection, fame, and loneliness in order to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us all be filled—every day, with the wisdom, strength, and trust that comes from seeking God in prayer, reading his word, and living according to his rules.

In order for the glory of Christ to shine through us, we shall hold our lights high. “Stand for Truth and Righteousness,” by Ardeth G. Kapp, published in November 1988 in Ensign, page 93. Ardeth Kapp left his loved ones behind and headed to Brigham Young Academy High School in Provo, Utah.

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