Michael Fischella and Tanaia Wilkinson found dead on dirt road in Millis


Michael Fischella and Tanaia Wilkinson Death: A man and woman were found dead on the dirt road off Route 115 in Millis, Massachusetts.

 32-year-old Michael Fischella and 25-year-old Tanaia Wilkinson were found with apparent gunshot wounds and a gun was located below Fischella’s body. The pair lived together in Millis at 67 Curve Street.

The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office said a Millis town worker was driving on a remote dirt route off Route 115, near the intersection of Route 27, when they found the man and woman dead near a motor vehicle Sunday morning.

Fischella and Wilkinson appeared to have died as a result of gunshot wounds, and a gun was found below Fischella’s body, the district attorney’s office said previously. Additionally, the district attorney’s office said that Fischella and Wilkinson were originally from outside Massachusetts and had only moved to Millis recently.

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