Jerry Crifasi Obituary: Resident Of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jerry Crifasi Cause Of Death

Jerry Crifasi Obituary

Jerry Crifasi Obituary: Sam Crifasi peacefully passed away on June 5th at his home in the presence of his cherished family, after 88 remarkable years. Born on November 6, 1925, to Dominic and Mary Crifasi, Sam was the sixth of nine children. Throughout his life, he exemplified unwavering dedication and integrity in all facets of his existence. A devoted husband, Sam shared 62 years of marriage with his beloved Mary Lou Jacocks Crifasi.

Together, they nurtured a large family of 11 children, instilling in them values of fairness, kindness, and diligence. Sam often expressed his profound love for Mary Lou, regretting only that their time together was not longer. Their bond, characterized by love, honor, and mutual respect, endured through life’s trials and triumphs.

Even after her passing, Sam remained steadfast in his affection, visiting her grave every Sunday with fresh roses and the serenade of “Hello Mary Lou” echoing through the drive. Sam’s sense of duty and commitment extended beyond his family to his country. Serving as a Naval veteran in both World War II and the Korean Conflict, he forged enduring friendships with his fellow servicemen, maintaining a special connection through numerous ship reunions.

Notably, he took great pride in hosting the Destroyer Squadron 48 reunion in Baton Rouge in 1990, a testament to his enduring camaraderie and leadership.

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