Dan Sackett Obituary: Carl Sandburg High School Teacher, Coach died

Dan Sackett Obituary

Dan Sackett Obituary: Dan Sackett, a resident of Tinley Park, Illinois, and a former Carl Sandburg High School passed away on December 8, 2023.

Daniel “Dan” Sackett Sr., was a resident of Tinley Park, Illinois, and a native of Berwyn, Illinois. He went to Fenwick High School and studied Speech and Theater at Northwestern University, according to his social media profile. He was a teacher, director, coach, writer, friend, and inspiration to so many students and teachers.

He worked at Carl Sandburg High School from 1982 to 2015 and was an actor with the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble in the past.

In 2019, Daniel Peter Sackett, Sr., his father, passed away due to complications resulting from a brain tumor. He was the devoted father of David Miles-Sackett, Allison (Camillo) Acevedo, and Dan Miles-Sackett, as well as the husband of Lynda “Lynn” Miles.

In addition to being a brother to Mary Ellen (Scott) Kasik, Daniel, Jr. (Lynda Miles), and Michael, Scott was a devoted son of his mother Mary. Among his friends and family, he led a loving and humorous life. In addition to being a wonderful director, coach, and teacher, Scott was a devoted husband, father, and grandpa.

He has had actors like Robin Tunney, who most recently starred in the CBS series “The Mentalist,” football coach Pat Fitzgerald of Northwestern University, and writer Katie Rich of Saturday Night Live sit in his classes.

Sackett is a longstanding Sandburg head speech coach as well. His mother-in-law is a teacher, his brother-in-law is a principal in the Chicago suburbs, his wife, Lynda Miles, teaches third grade at Helen Keller Elementary School in Tinley Park, and his daughter teaches in Detroit, according to Sackett.

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