Hunter Wyatt Abdala Obituary: Exton, passed away at 2

Hunter Wyatt Abdala Obituary

Hunter Wyatt Abdala Obituary: Hunter Abdala, 2, of Exton, passed away on Thursday, December 14, 2023, at Chester County Hospital, West Chester.

Born in West Chester, Hunter Wyatt was the son of Travis and Paige (Henley) Abdala. In addition to his parents, Hunter is survived by his siblings: Lilah Mae Abdala (3.5 years old) and Cole Bennett Abdala (6 months old); maternal grandparents: Kevin and Kimberly Henley; and paternal grandparents: Victor and Teri Abdala.

Hunter Wyatt could be easily summed up by so many of his beautiful character traits, like thoughtfulness, kindness, unending joy, and the ability to have pure, innocent empathy. But above all of these things, his mama’s nickname for him says it all. She would call him “my sweet boy,” as there couldn’t possibly be any other words to describe the magical joy that Hunter Wyatt brought to his family’s world. If you were a part of his world, you know this to be true. The magical joy that radiated from this sweet boy’s face will always be seen in every one of his favorite things. He loved stopping to watch the planes and birds overhead, smelling and feeling all the flowers at Longwood Gardens, picking his flowers every afternoon of summer from his yard, and playing with anything that moved.

Lilah Mae and Hunter Wyatt were inextricably connected from day one. Their ability to love, laugh, play, and be so very mischievous together could be explained only by the incredible bond they had. Hunter adored watching and learning from his sister every day. Lilah invested her every day into playing with Hunter, making sure he knew that he had BETTER be playing with her because it was her favorite thing.

But above all these things is this: there is a sense of awe Hunter conveyed through his sparkling eyes. He talked with his eyes even before his first word. You could see this awe when he looked at the stars and the moon.

Yes, he knew how he melted his mama’s heart. He would just say, “Mama, hold me,” and then persist, making sure that hug was just so, every single time.

Yes, he knew his dada needed his own “Hunter time” every morning. Hunter would roll out of bed, knock on his door, and patiently wait for Dada to open it. Then he would take off, running down the hallway, to watch the school bus, eat breakfast, and just play with his dada all before the sun came up.

Yes, Lilah and Cole knew the same incredible intentionality in their relationship with him.

Yes, Hunter may have been in awe of the stars and the moon but oh, our sweet boy, we were in awe of you and you have taken our breath away.

A visitation will be held on Thursday, December 21, 2023, from 11 AM-12 PM, to be followed by his memorial service beginning at 12 PM. The visitation and memorial service will take place at Christ Community Church: 1190 Phoenixville Pike, West Chester, PA 19380. Interment will be conducted privately at the convenience of the family.

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