Dominique Carmoega Obituary: Cedar Grove NJ, mother of 2 sons died

Dominique Carmoega Obituary

Dominique Carmoega Obituary: The devastating news of the sudden passing of our beloved Dominique Carmoega on December 2, 2023. Dominique was not just a sister but a dedicated single mother whose sole mission in life was to ensure the happiness and comfort of her two sons, Adam and Matthew Carmoega.

Tragically, this heart-wrenching event comes on the heels of other losses in the family. The boys lost their father, Adam Carmoega Sr., and their grandmother, Donna Cognata, in 2019 & 2021 respectively. Donna was a pillar of strength, providing unwavering support and love to the family.

Dominique’s love for Adam and Matthew guided her through the toughest hours. She persevered through parenting, prioritizing her children’s well-being. Her sacrifices, late nights, and harsh decisions were always to improve her boys’ lives.

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